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We Help Dietitians Get Things Done

The MNT Assistant provides trusted solutions for dietitians doing medical nutrition therapy or diabetes education; including practice management and reimbursement assistance. 


Patient Notes

Custom templates, reports and tools made just for dietitians.

Claims and Billing

Simplify the claims and patient billing process.

Online Patient Surveys

Save time by having your patients fill out surveys before you see them.

Group Sessions

Optimized to bulk enter data for a class in almost the same time as 1 patient.

Get Help for Your Practice

Computer Monitor
Get Help from the Experts

At Lifestyle Medicine Group in Portland, Oregon we have 20+ years of experience and serve hundreds of patients each year.  This is through doctor referrals and successfully billing health plans for 95% of our visits.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

We can help you get your practice up and running or to the next level.  We work with clinics all over the nation to profitably implement Medical Nutrition Therapy.

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