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Installation Issues? Call Us at 866 - 850 - 5070

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

  • Windows - 10 or 11

  • CPU - 1+ Ghz

  • Memory - 4+ Gb

  • 64 bit Microsoft Office 365/Business Edition 2019 or No Version of Office on the computer

    • Can't have Office trial version installed​

    • Can't have Home or Student editions of Office installed

    • Can't have 32 bit version of Office installed

    • Can't have Office 2016, 2013, 2010 or older.

What is Office Ally?

  • Office Ally is a clearinghouse company that will send your claims to insurance companies electronically. The MNT Assistant creates the file that is needed to send your claim electronically.

Does the MNT Assistant store data on my computer?

  • The MNT Assistant stores all your patient data online in the cloud and backs your data regularly. 

  • The MNT Assistant helps you organize patient files (pdfs, documents, etc..) on your computer or network but can't store them online.

I am having trouble downloading the MNT Assistant.

  • If your anti-virus prompts you during the download and the file is missing after the download, it may quarantine the file.  Look in your anti-virus’ quarantine to find the file.  

  • Some email clients won’t let you download an .exe file.  To get around this copy the web address and paste it in your web browser.

Is there any limits on records or users for my practice?

  • If you have to many records you can slow down the MNT Assistant.  We recommend less than 100,000 patient records.

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